electrical panel replacement

Our electrician can upgrade your electrical panel in Portland, Middletown, Glastonbury, CT & Surrounding Areas

Bring Your Home Out of the Dark Ages

If your Middletown or Portland, CT area home experiences frequent power outages or surges, it's probably time to update your electrical panel. Trust E Smith Electric when you need electrical panel upgrades or electrical repairs.

5 benefits of updating your electrical panel

Your electrical panel regulates the flow of energy to your appliances and electronic devices, so you'll want to make sure it works properly. Consider hiring an electrician to upgrade your panel. A new electrical panel can:

  • Reduce the chance of frying your electronic devices
  • Keep your circuit breakers from overloading
  • Decrease the risk of worn-out wiring starting a fire
  • Keep your home code-compliant
  • Save you money on energy bills

Speak with a licensed electrician when you need electrical repairs or upgrades in the Middletown or Portland, CT area. Call 860-833-4547 now.